Yes, it's finally happening! After 10 years of coming to Rincón, Puerto Rico we are building a house there. We bought a beautiful one acre hillside lot with gorgeous ocean views, on the road going up from Steps beach (my favorite beach in the world). The house will have rental units and this website will have the reservations page. While we are building, check out the construction progress and the house plans. And if you go to Rincón in the meantime, I've compiled a list of my favorite places.

For those who don't know what Rincón is, it's not a typical vacation destination. There are no resorts and there is no town center where everything is. Rincón is primarily a surf town, but in the past 10 years non-surfers started coming there as well. The surf season is from November until March, but you can always find a beach with calmer waters for swimming. Lodging: we usually rent a house or part of a house and rent a car in the airport (Aguadilla airport is 25 minutes away). The house can be by the water or in the hills (I prefer the hills). There are many different beaches around Rincón: surfing, swimming, snorkeling. You have to have a car to drive from one to another. Same with restaurants: there are lots of really great places to eat spread around the area, some pretty well hidden. There is also great diving, kite surfing, tennis, horses and a bioluminescent bay not too far. It is very safe in Rincón. Love, Katya.